Before Knowing Why Homeopathy365

                   you should know What and Why Homeopathy and What is True Homeopathy


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is evidence based empirical science. Homeopathy is more than 200 yrs old medical science which was discovered by German scientist Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD,  in 1794. He established homeopathy on the general law of cure which he derived from the nature and that is ‘similia  similibus  curentur, i.e.  ‘Like cures like’.

Homeopathic science follows the holistic approach as it treats the person as a whole rather than focusing on one specific diseased part.

Homeopathic remedies are absolutely natural as these remedies are prepared from naturally occurring substances like plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom. Each medicine has been proved on healthy human beings to get the best remedy details thus homeopathic proving of medicines is more scientific.

Homeopathy uses attenuated and potentized medicine substances which are in the form of nano-particles, and in many researches and proving it has been found very effective and safe in treating the disease at much deeper level.

The work and growth of homeopathy is still continued at a very rapid pace. Thus homeopathy is not only effective for chronic and autoimmune disease but also treat the disease at deeper level so the relief offered by homeopathy is quite lasting.

Why Homeopathy?

  • Homeopathic Medicines works in a rapid way and the biggest advantage of it is that it eradicates the disease completely from its root,  so the disease is never repeated again to the patient.
  • Homeopathy is the safest and most gentle treatment it has been considered safe even for infants and pregnant females. Moreover continuous intake of medication does not cause any sort of addiction to that particular medication.
  • Homeopathic remedies as prepared from natural substances and proved on healthy human beings works very gently on constitution and does not have any side effect on human body.
  • Homeopathy always treats the patient by resolving the reason behind the disease rather than treating the disease.
  • The homeopathic consultant treats the whole person believing that all the symptoms are connected and important and selects the most suitable medicine.
  • Homeopathic medicines stimulates the body’s own curative powers thus homeopathy assist the the body to heal itself and bring the patient to higher level of health.

What is True Homeopathy?

  • In Homeopathy medicines for the patient can only be selected by consulting the patient individually, making proper case history, evaluation of symptoms and repertorization.  This is True Homeopathy .  So it is very important that the patient should talk to a Homeopathic doctor and discuss the issue in detail , then only homeopathic doctor can prescribe any medicines. There is no ” one size fits all ” treatment in homeopathy . That means the one same homeopathic medicine for a particular disease can treat one patient successfully but it may not work for the another patient suffering from the same disease.


Now you know What and Why Homeopathy and What is True Homeopathy

                    now you should know Why to Start Your Treatment with Homeopathy365


 Why Homeopathy365?

  • Experienced Doctors having over 10 Years of Experience in Homeopathy
  • Treated over 10000 Patients successfully via our specially formulated homeopathic medicines
  • You can consult homeopathic doctor from anywhere ( your home , office , gym , football ground etc)
  • Consulting homeopathic doctor is Absolutely Free
  • We work on the True Principles of Homeopathy: We follow “Effective Homeopathic Treatment Protocol” that is   a.   Full and proper case history of the individual.      b.  Evaluation of the symptoms.    c.  Repertorization.          d.  Prescription.   We study each and every case in depth, evaluate the symptoms and then after proper repertorization we select the best possible remedy for the patient that would eradicate the disease completely from its root and in a rapid way.
  • High Standards of Medicines:     a.    Our all medicines are German Quality.       b.    No medication is being touched by human hand.      c.    All the medicine is properly blister packed to retain its originality.
  • Dedicated Patients Support System:   Once we have prescribed the medicines to the patient we monitor his/her development regularly and we are always in touch with the patient  and any of our patient can be in touch with us 365 days by       a.   Telephone (including call back request)          b.     E-mail.         c.     Live Chat.
  • Clarity in communication:  We share this this “Effective Homeopathic Treatment Protocol“ with each and every patient we treat. So our clients are-    a. Free to take their medication at their own.    b. The patients also can keep this document with them for some future reference or for second opinion.  c. Patients know what medications they are taking
  • We follow global standards of HIPAA and HL7 security, and we strictly follow international norms in maintaining patient data confidentiality .