How do I know if homeopathy can cure my disease?

Consult with well quailed and experienced homeopathic doctors and they will guide you thoroughly regarding your disease and its best possible results with homeopathy.

Can I take homeopathy if I am taking other medicines?

Yes, without any complications but you need to consult homeopathic consultant as he will advise you how to reduce your conventional medicines.

Are there any side effects of homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathy influences the body’s energy rather than its chemical balance so it is always safe due to nature of medicines, but it should be prescribed by qualified doctor. It is even safe for babies and pregnant ladies.

Does Homeopathy first aggravates the disease and then improves?

It does not happen to all cases. Only in minimum number of cases where if the medicine is repeated more than the need or the potency chosen is higher than required then there is increase in complaints but these symptoms would subside on its own as soon as that medicine is withdrawn.

Is homeopathy slow to act if yes why it is being recommended?

This myth is popular because most of the people come to homeopathy when they have tried all treatments by then their disease becomes more complicated and chronic. Homeopathy is infact, fast and rapid in acute conditions like flu, cough, and tonsillitis.

While in chronic disease many times it is slow to act since it treats the whole person as individual. Well when we talk about chronic illness time hardly matters the most important thing is to have long lasting solution to the disease.

How soon I will be cured?

The time it takes to cure a diseased person is directly dependant on the complexity of the ailment since the medicine works from inside out, the internal disorders are the first to be cured as compare to superficial outer symptoms. Have patience as it is more beneficial to cure the cause of disease then to just relieve the symptoms.

Can i take homeopathic remedies by my own?

Anyone can learn to use medicines for simple first aid situations such as cuts, burn, insect stings etc. but  do not try to treat complex disease on your own. Contact your qualified homeopathic consultant for such serious and complex disease.

Is Homeopathy merely a placebo effect?

Scientific studies have many times proved that it is far above the placebo effect. The effect of homeopathic medicines has been proved during clinical trials carried out for various diseases. Recognized institutions are carrying out these clinical trials the central council of research in homeopathy, monitors these research works and keeps record of these trials with scientific evidence.

Homeopathy is good only for chronic disease?

Absolutely not this equally good in acute disease like cold, cough, tonsillitis  ,diarrhea, colic, headache. Homeopathy not only treats these but reduces the frequency and intensity of these diseases by the use of constitutional remedy.

Does Homeopathy require so many die tic restrictions?

This is a myth that while taking homeopathy garlic, onion, tea, coffee, tobacco is restricted.  These are restricted only in certain cases.

What are the Advantages of Online Homeopathy Treatment ?

It’s fast, easy. You can take treatment from the ease of your home or from anywhere from where you need it. You just need a computer or your smartphone with internet.

Why Homeopathy365 is allowing patients to consult with the doctor for free?

It is a right of every individual in this world to discuss and know about its health issues. Keeping this in mind, we made Homeopathy365 where consulting a homeopathic doctor to know from which disease you are suffering is Absolutely free.  We just charge a small fee if somebody want us to make his/her proper case history and wants that we select best homeopathic medicine for him/her. We prescribe the medicines to the patient so that he/she can take medicine from anywhere they want or if they want to buy from us we also provide homeopathic medicines at very reasonable rates

Is my personal and medical data safe and secure?

Yes 100% your personal and medical data is safe and secure with us . We do not share it to anybody

How long it will take to get medicine prescribed once i have paid  fee?

Once start my treatment form is filled and doctor’s fee is paid. Our homeopathic doctor within 12 -18 hours will contact you and discuss your issue in detail with you and on that basis after following a proper way will prescribe you the medicine. Then you can buy those medicines from any nearby homeopathic store or also you can order it from us. We provide high quality homeopathic medicines at a very reasonable prices.

Can i buy medicines prescribed from my nearby local Homeopathy Medicine store?

Yes you can buy medicines prescribed by our homeopathic doctors from anywhere you want. Or also you can order it from us. We provide high quality homeopathic medicines at a very reasonable prices.

How much time does it takes to get medicine delivered to me once ordered?

If you are in India , then it takes maximum 24-48 hours depending on your location . If you are International Patient not residing in India then it may take 3-5 days to get delivery

How can i pay for the medicine or doctor’s consultation?

You can pay via net banking, credit card, ATM debit cards, payment wallets and cash on delivery. Our all checkout system is very safe and secure.

Will i know what medicines i am taking?

Yes definitely, you can see the details of the medicine prescribed by our doctors by login into your account and clicking your account’s  ” Medicines Prescribed To Me ” tab. Nothing is hidden. 

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